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Range: -20mA-20mA
Resolution: 0.01mA
Accuracy: ±0.01mA
Range: -25+125
Resolution: 0.1
Accuracy: ±0.5

- Monitoring indoor and outdoor temperature
- Heat conduction
- Newton Cooling Theory ...
Range: _25 V ~+25V
Resolution: 0.01V
Accuracy: + -0.05V

@Ohm′s Law
@Series and parallel circuits
@Capacitor charge and discharge ...
Range: -20N-20N
Resolution: 0.01N
Accuracy: ±0.01N

- Static Friction
- Newton′s Third Law
- Relationship between Elastic Force and ...
Temperature Sensor
Portable Data Logger, with high performance price ratio
- 2000mAh battery pack
- 150-day standdby
- 12-bit resolution, 30k sampling rate
- To save experimental data up to 300 ...
Electric Modules 3
Rotary Motion System
The TriE Rotary Motion System, a comprehensive experimental platform to investigate physical phenomena in forces, electromagnetics, optics, etc., is a new ...
TRIE E-whiteboard
Composition and Resolution of Force

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